Over the past two decades, we’ve had the great pleasure of “translating the marketplace” for hundreds of inventors, product developers, technologists, retailers, service providers and social venture leaders.

SALES RELATIONSHIPS: There was the software developer who hired all Chinese nationals as programmers and commercialized a first-in-class legal product despite the fact they communicated as a team only via sign language and code.  [We helped them find a distribution partner and double sales – three years in a row!]

REVENUE DIVERSIFICATION: There was the scientist who invented a new nano material snapped up by the government for bio-hazard suits – and then repurposed the formula for one of the largest sports equipment manufacturers in the world to make balls longer-lasting.  [We created their commercialization strategy & consumer-level marketing communications.]

PARTNERSHIP DEVELOPMENT:  And there was the family owned business struggling to survive into the third generation when a contentious brother-sister management team threatened to tear the company apart.  Partnerships between relatives, friends and colleagues often disrupt – causing financial and emotional pain for all concerned.  [We helped clarify the goals, roles and visions of the partners – resulting in a buy-out that saved their sanity and guaranteed a future for the firm.]

Ahhhh…but that’s all history now.  Here are some of the more recent success stories among visionary clients who joined PivotGuild to scale up!

Kersti-Frigell_The-GallavantsKersti Frigell is an incredibly talented artist, illustrator and political cartoonist.  In addition to an international clientele – she has served the world pursuing a lifelong commitment to Environmental Conservation & Protection.  While still living in Sweden she envisioned a way of getting tech-centric, nature-deprived children to explore the Great Outdoors.  Her solution? Creating an animated cast of ant characters, called The Gallavants in multi-media formats to entice kids into many fun (and secretly educational) experiences outside.  The material was translated into several languages and very successful in Scandinavia and Japan – but never introduced in English to the American market.

With the support of peers and pros in one of PivotGuild’s groups, Kersti developed a work plan for introducing The Gallavants to US children and to-date has implemented several steps to scale up:

  • translated some earlier material into English;
  • created an ebook and got it in distribution via Amazon;
  • developed an approach to potential partners; and
  • redesigned her website to today’s graphic and interactive standards. 

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