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PivotGuild Growth Circles


New, 4-week Circles form monthly.

Three kinds of Growth circles.

  If you’re ready, TOGETHER we can make it happen.


Social Venture:

Do you have a solution to a pressing community or social need?  Have you been envisioning a new program or organization to deliver services that will make a measurable social impact?  The Social Venture Growth Circle will support you to:

  • Articulate your Vision and Mission in order to attract support and resources;
  • Identify and prioritize the steps to bring your vision into reality;
  • Get connected to potential collaborators and multipliers; and
  • Create a sustainable business model to meet your financial and social impact goals.

You will benefit most if: you have a strong idea to solve a clearly identified problem but have not been able yet to organize it into a viable and sustainable model.


Personal Legacy:    New!

Have you accumulated expertise, insights and stories that will be valuable to future generations?  Do you feel an urgent desire to share your wisdom with a specific audience?  The Personal Legacy Growth Circle will support you to:

  • Organize information into engaging content most likely to resonate with others;
  • Determine the best media format (s) and tools to express yourself;
  • Get connected to affordable production resources; and
  • Create a marketing plan to reach the people who matter most.

You will benefit most if:  you have special knowledge you’d like to share (how-to); you’ve had an experience that will help others cope, overcome or excel (personal development); or you have family facts and stories to be preserved (family history).


Venture Growth:

There are many free and low-cost resources for Start-Up businesses.  But what happens after you’ve launched and met your initial goals?  Where is the support for sustainable growth?  The Venture Growth Circle will support you to:

  • Identify opportunities to take your business to the next level of sales and organizational development;
  • Makeover your Business Model to create sustainable financial plans and long-term strategic relationships; and
  • Center all decision-making, resource allocation and day-to-day operations from the “sweet spot” of why YOU, as a leader, went into business in the first place.

You will benefit most if:  you’re beyond start-up and looking to grow brand awareness, customer relationships, sales and long-term value.



We meet in small groups, once a week for two hours, in privacy & comfort.  With warm professional & peer support, we help you to explore what is possible and then the steps to make your vision probable.  If you are ready to bring your heart’s desire out of the shadows and into the world, please join us!

Please note there are no pre-requisites to joining any of the circles.  We will work with you wherever you are on the development continuum.  Before joining, you can be at the beginning of implementing a change, in the middle, or stuck somewhere along the way.

Our process is personalized and flexible with ONLY ONE REQUIREMENT: that you commit to being supportive of others in the group and being accountable for your own progress-on-goal during each 4-week period.

New Groups form every month in Boulder County – LIMITED in size for maximum interaction.


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