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The economic recovery may be on, but as many experts have noted, it’s not bringing a lot of jobs with it.

Which may explain why many people are deciding to do it themselves.  But for the entrepreneur — unlike the weekend handyman — there are no big-box stores on the corner offering solutions when he or she runs into a problem.

That’s where PivotGuild comes in. The Boulder-based firm provides customized services for the “do-it-yourself” business person who may be struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing marketplace.   Read More.

September 13, 2011      Boulder Country Business Report – Daily Blast

BOULDER – New business training company PivotGuild is promoting itself with a free lunch talk “Why social media matters to your business,” by author and “digital guru” Aaron Goldman on Thursday, Sept 22.PivotGuild is the new sister organization of Boulder Digital Arts, the digital training company located at 1600 Range St. in Boulder. Alyson Miller and Don Greenfield of business consulting company Venture Growth have formed the new company.Aaron Goldman will speak at noon, Thursday, Sept. 22, at the Boulder location. While the event is free, participants must register at PivotGuild’s website, www.pivotguild.com.PivotGuild will offer training workshops – focusing on existing companies, Greenfield said. Training is designed to be “affordable,” at $89 for an upcoming three-hour workshop, Greenfield said. PivotGuild also will focus on creating “community” among business owners by offering free events such as the Goldman talk, he said.”For more than 20 years, we have seen firsthand the difficulties that businesses encounter and the places where they get stuck in their growth processes,” Greenfield said of his Venture Growth company. “We thought, ‘Why not do multiple businesses?'”PivotGuild is named to get business owners to think about how they can change or “pivot” to create more business success, Greenfield said.Boulder Digital Arts offers training to companies and individuals specifically in the digital arena, from Web developers and filmmakers to photographers and others in similar creative jobs, Greenfield said. BDA is a for-profit company.


PivotGuild Media Releases

PivotGuild Marketing Series Features Local Social Media Marketing Guru Brett Greene

September 26, 2011, Boulder, Colorado…..PivotGuild (http://www.PivotGuild.com ), Boulder Digital Arts’ spinoff organization for small business owners, social entrepreneurs and freelancers, is launching a Social Media Marketing Immersion series beginning October 4th at BDA’s studio-training center, 1600 Range Street in Boulder.    The series is designed for organizational leaders who want to develop a social media strategy and customized social media marketing plan ready for implementation within one month.

PivotGuild Managing Partner Alyson Miller said the rationale for launching PivotGuild’s full training curriculum with a Social Media series centered on the overwhelm of change entrepreneurs are facing with technology.  “Social media marketing, when used with clear strategy, has the power to yield great results for a company’s customer service, lead-generation, thought leadership, professional influence, word-of-mouth marketing, research and development, and sales,” Miller said.  “But most small businesses and social entrepreneurs are frustrated, not knowing how to use scarce time, money and people resources to get the most out of social media tactics.”

Miller and PivotGuild partner Don Greenfield selected Brett Greene of Boulder-based Hip Chameleon to provide the training and individual guidance for series participants based on his experience as an early adopter of social media and his recognized authority as a marketing consultant, strategist and trainer.  Greene has nearly 43,000 followers and is recognized as the third most influential Chief Marketing Officer on Twitter (@BrettGreene and @hipchameleon).  He also blogs regularly for Huffington Post and at http://BlindInfluence.com.

The half-day, hands-on workshops co-created by Greene, his Hip Chameleon partner Kat May and PivotGuild management, will progress from strategy development to immersion in all the major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linked-In and Blogs) and culminate in a full-day session to put the strategy and tactics together in an immediately actionable Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan.  Participants can register for individual sessions of interest or all five workshops.  Those who pre-register for the whole series by October 4th will get a 23% discount.  To register and obtain workshop details, visit http://bit.ly/q3PEIP.  For other questions, please email Alyson@PivotGuild.com.












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