Frequently Asked Questions

Like the rest of the site, our FAQs are a work-in-progress.  If you don’t find your question or answer here, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out.


What is PivotGuild’s mission?

PivotGuild is here to empower entrepreneurial leaders who are proactively seeking to transform obstacles to growth into breakthroughs.  We provide training, guidance and engaged community to manage changes – pivots – in strategy, skills, tools and relationships.


Where are Pivot Guild classes & events held?

Unless otherwise noted in the class description or registration form all classes & events are held at the Boulder Digital Arts (BDA) training center a 1600 Range Street in Boulder.


What is the relationship between BDA and PivotGuild?

Over the last 8 years BDA participants have asked repeatedly for business-building classes and resources.  In response, BDA has partnered with Venture Growth to spin off PivotGuild. The new organization will echo BDA’s culture of learning and community while delivering innovative training and guidance for entrepreneurs of all types.


Do I need a membership to participate in PivotGuild?

PivotGuild is not a membership organization.  Any entrepreneur, small business owner, freelancer or social entrepreneurial leader is welcome to participate.  In fact, if you are a BDA member, you will be emailed a Discount Code when PivotGuild officially launches, that will enable you to register for PivotGuild programs at reduced prices – a benefit you currently enjoy for BDA classes.


Do you give discounts for special groups or associations?

PivotGuild has an Affiliate program for approved membership groups (e.g. professional associations, business organizations, meet-ups, trade groups, etc.)  When an organization applies and is approved to be an Affiliate, their members will be issued unique Discount Codes enabling registration for PivotGuild classes at discount rates.  If you are an organizational leader who wants to extend this benefit to your members, please contact


Is there an advantage to Early Registration for classes, guidance and special events?

To create the best experience for our clients, class sizes are limited, guidance hours are offered on a first-come-first-served basis and even free community events have larger, but limited, capacity.  So if you are determined to join in any of these activities and don’t want to risk missing out, pre-registration is recommended.


Is there an Early Registration discount for classes specifically?

Yes, besides guaranteeing your seat in a limited size class, the biggest incentive of Early Registration (within 5 business days of the class), is that you will receive the lowest pricing. Put another way, Early Registration is the best value!


If I need to cancel my class registration, what is the refund policy?

Though we try to be flexible whenever possible, we do have a very detailed Refund & Credit Policy.  Please click here to read the full Terms & Conditions:


What if I’m unhappy with a class I just completed?

Like BDA, we will encourage and collect evaluations after every class.  Your feedback is important to us – we want you to get the most out of your PivotGuild experiences – and we want to assure continuous quality control.  If for any reason, the evaluation does not cover your concerns, please contact us and share additional information.  We promise to respond to you in a timely manner.


What happens if a class is cancelled due to bad weather?

PivotGuild very rarely cancels programs due to bad weather.  If the weather is severe enough that we do cancel, as soon as the decision is made, we will call AND email everyone who is pre-registered and provided accurate contact info.  As soon as rescheduling information is available pre-registrants will be notified and given the option to re-enroll or receive a full-refund.  If you do not hear from us, assume the class is on.

Please keep in mind that if you are interested in a class but have not registered, you will not receive ANY personal notification about its status.  So PLEASE REGISTER EARLY.  You can also check the website for status info.

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