About PivotGuild

Since September 2011, PivotGuild has provided 800+ entrepreneurs with Professional Guidance, Growth & Accountability Groups(TM) , and Meetups and Matchups to help proactive entrepreneurs overcome obstacles to growth in the challenging “beyond startup” phase.

In the entrepreneurial ecosystem thriving in the greater Boulder, Colorado region, there are many start-up success stories. But for every company that breaks through dramatically and attracts Venture Capital, there are 100 more – perhaps more like you – who are quietly bootstrapping with their own resources.

Growth can be elusive for these independent entrepreneurs, new-product developers and social venture leaders.   When your original plans and current practices don’t produce the desired results, momentum can stall.

Founders Alyson Miller and Don Greenfield, along with a select assembly of “Pros You Should Know,” facilitate pivots in:

  • growth strategy
  • business development and marketing
  • strategic relationships.

PivotGuild provides services and community for entrepreneurs committed to making the changes necessary to move forward again – with clarity and purpose.


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