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READY TO MAKE A BIG SHIFT?  We welcome entrepreneurs, social venture founders and legacy-makers who are committed to setting meaningful goals and achieving them.  Our unique approach focuses you on a conscious growth strategy and path which includes a sustainable financial model, ethical relationships and practices, AND positive contributions to community. If you’re ready to make a positive change, our community of peers and pros is here to support you in making it happen.


Opportunities to Realize Your Goals in 2015:

Mentoring for Venture DevelopmentSTART WITH OUR FREE VISIONING TOOL!   

Have you have decided that 2015 is the year to take your Entrepreneurial Social Venture out of your head and into the world? Are you ready to make more meaningful use of your expertise and talents? NOW is the time to be supported by kindred spirits and professional business developers while you wrestle with the accompanying challenges of venture development. Take Step 1 and signup for our 2015 Changemakers Mailing List TODAY and receive our FREE VISIONING TOOL to clarify how your passion to serve can be actualized AND monetized. We support your intention to make 2015 the year you make the biggest difference!

PivotGuild Growth CirclesJOIN A GROWTH CIRCLE 

Tired of spending money and time on groups that produce no new business or practical impact?  Join our fast-action, growth-progressing, weekly circle – where YOU will immediately identify next steps to scale up your venture AND get the support necessary for smooth implementation.  This is Not a meetup!  Not a networking group!  Not a workshop! It is a unique and affordable experience in group consulting – PivotGuild’s proven way to get clarity, grow your venture and have some fun with peers who are on the entrepreneurial path with you. New groups start every month. READ MORE & REGISTER NOW!



If you prefer discussing your vision and growth challenges in private, make an appointment today. PivotGuild and Venture Growth Founders Alyson Miller and Don Greenfield will support you through an empowering, step-by-step process to overcome obstacles and achieve YOUR goals.   Learn more about mentoring.

Community Happenings:


ImSkrappy.comSHOWCASE & MARKET your UPCYCLED ART & PRODUCTS! We created www.ImSkrappy.com  to celebrate the ingenuity of both the Maker and Social Venturing movements.  As one of PivotGuild’s latest online communities, we are showcasing and supporting inventors and artists who are engaged in recycling, repurposing and transforming materials into useful and artful creations for the purpose of modeling sustainability, relieving suffering and uplifting spirit.  Please check out the BLOG, contribute to our Pinterest pages and “LIKE” us on Facebook to share your own work, collaborate on new projects and participate in our IDEA-A-THONS.


New Product WordleIS YOUR PRODUCT MARKET-READY? Speaking of new initiatives… most of our clients have multiple products and services in varying stages of development.  They are generating income from one source or another but typically haven’t penetrated the marketplace to support the pursuit of new ideas – and grow – with solid revenue flow.  If you relate, take a look at our Market-Readiness Blog to get a handle on where you stand in the process.  From there, we have several options to help you make progress.  Contact us!

The best way to stay tuned?  Make sure you’re on our email list.  More to come.  To your success!



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