PivotGuild – Inspiring Change!

We are a community of entrepreneurial & social venture founders committed to transformational social impact.  

With the support of peers – and professionals – you will gain clarity of purpose and direction to fulfill your vision.  Join us to make meaningful pivots in strategy, daily practice & relationships to overcome obstacles and achieve growth via Growth & Accountability Groups, Guidance and Community-Building.


Community Happenings:

Elizabeth Weiland and Alyson Miller at NoCo Maker FaireTHE CREATIVE EVENT OF THE SEASON IS COMING IN MAY – an interactive adventure for the whole family!  Get your tickets now for the Denver Mini Maker Faire, Saturday and Sunday, May 2-3, at the National Western Complex in Denver.  Use the code “pivotguild” to get a discount today!

What is a Maker Faire?  Sculpture Games, robotics and makerspaces, OH MY!  Just some of the awesomeness you’ll experience!  Grab your friends and family and come play, hack and MAKE with us! CoSponsor PivotGuild will be there providing “Maker Therapy” for those struggling to commercialize new products and ImSkrappy will be on hand hosting our first Idea-A-Thon to exercise YOUR ingenuity to benefit the community.  


ImSkrappy.comNEW SHOWCASE for UPCYCLED ART & PRODUCTS for social change! We created www.ImSkrappy.com  to tap the ingenuity of both the Maker and Social Venturing  movements.  PivotGuild’s new online community showcases and supports makers engaged in recycling, repurposing and transforming materials into useful and artful creations for the purpose of modeling sustainability, relieving suffering and uplifting spirit.  You’re invited to check out the BLOG, contribute to our Pinterest pages and “LIKE” us on Facebook to share your own work, collaborate on new projects and participate in our IDEA-A-THONS.  (PS  The first one will be at the Maker Faire in May!)


New Product WordleIS YOUR PRODUCT MARKET-READY? Speaking of new initiatives… most of our clients have multiple products and services in varying stages of development.  They are generating income from one source or another but typically haven’t penetrated the marketplace to support the pursuit of new ideas – and grow – with solid revenue flow.  If you relate, take a look at our Market-Readiness Blog to get a handle on where you stand in the process.  From there, we have several options to help you make progress.  Contact us!

The best way to stay tuned?  Make sure you’re on our email list.  More to come.  To your success!


Upcoming Events

Growth & Accountability Group for Venture Development (5 Tuesdays)

Price: $399.00

Date: April 22, 2014

Have a goal you want to achieve in 5 weeks?  It's time to get it out of your head and into action!

If your venture is not accelerating at the pace you expected…

If you've hit the wall prioritizing and problem-solving on your own...

PivotGuild's Growth and Accountability Group is a great way to make measurable progress and set the foundation for future growth.

Our philosophy echoes that of Kahil Gibran:

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.

With the support of other (non-competing) entrepreneurs and the guidance of business development professionals you WILL move forward. So, what goal would you like to achieve in 5 weeks?


1. To jump start your business development plans, solve specific problems and/or overcome a barrier to growth

2. Hold each other accountable for progress-on-goal

3. Gain peer-to-peer input and support

4. Share and plan in the safety of professional facilitation and consultation

5. Emphasis on proven strategies and repeatable practices that have lasting value.

How it Works:

• First, you select a realistic goal for a 5-week period.  For example, recent participants have worked on: customer-centric content for in-bound marketing, changes to their business models,  plans for product launch, preparation of a crowdfunding campaign, recruiting & orienting new employees, creating boiler-plate marketing materials and crafting proposals for sales development.

• The group meets weekly, in a 2-hour session, for 5 weeks.  In between meetings we share progress and brainstorm via file-sharing and email.

• Group size is purposefully small – 4-6 participants.

• Each week, participants will share progress on goal, challenges and intentions for the coming week.  Strategy and best practices will be discussed; obstacles brainstormed; and helpful resources explored.

Cost: $349 (former participants)   $399 (standard registration)

If you would like to speak with one of the participants to get a sense of the experience, please let us know and we'll put you in touch!

SPRING 2014  SESSION  - SCHEDULE / TUESDAYS / 10am-12pm in Lafayette:

April 22

April 29

May 6

May 13

May 20